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Primary Turns 140: How Mischievous Boys Led to Its Creation, How It's Changing Lives Today


“The one thing that never changed [in the Primary] is the love those leaders had for those children and the love that our leaders today have for the children,” Sister Joy D. Jones Jones said. “And Heavenly Father’s love is what generates that love. It’s all coming from and through Him, and what a gift it is because we want our children today to feel His love. They have got to feel His love and know that they are His.”

Sister Joy D. Jones, Primary general president, recently returned to her hometown, The Dalles, Oregon. While there, she visited familiar places, including the meetinghouse with the baptismal font where she was baptized.

While visiting, leaders asked her to speak in sacrament meeting at one of the local wards. As Sister Jones looked out at the congregation she noticed a familiar face.

“There sat the Primary president from my childhood,” she told the Church News.

As she stood at the pulpit and looked at the woman’s face, she immediately remembered the good feelings she had as a child in Primary.

“I remember her light and that she blessed my life,” Sister Jones said. “Oh, that every Primary child can have a such a memory of their time in Primary.”

Lead image from Church News

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