Rare 1924 photo reveals astonishing number of twins in one Latter-day Saint ward


Did you know that today about one in every 42 children is born a twin? But well before the days of fertility medications, there were 11 sets of twins in one Latter-day Saint ward!

In honor of National Twin Day on December 18, here are the 11 pairs of twins from the Provo Second Ward—the most on record for one ward—as shown in this 1924 photo:


Photo courtesy of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum in Provo, Utah

1. Martha and Joseph S. Parks (older pair, upper center)
2. Rita and Rilla Jacobsen (far upper left)
3. Melba and Melva Rodeback (far lower left, just below Rita and Rilla Jacobsen)
4. Fay and Faun Jones (far upper right)
5. Elmer and Angus Backman (far lower right, just below Fay and Faun Jones)
6. Gladys and Grace Groneman (left of center)
7. Gertrude and Grant Davis (center)
8. Willis and Preston Carter (lower left)
9. Lavon and Lavern Starr (right of center)
10. Glen and Golden Carter (lower right)
11. Betty and Lee Whitaker (babies, lower center)

This article was originally published in August 2015.

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