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Returned Missionaries Star in Popular Discovery Channel Reality TV Show "Diesel Brothers"


LDS entrepreneurs David Sparks and David Kiley are not exactly what you might think of as stereotypical returned missionaries. Better known as "Heavy D" and "Diesel Dave," these two friends own and operate DieselSellerz—the world's largest marketplace related to anything diesel. In January 2016, Discovery Channel aired the hit reality TV show, Diesel Brothers, which highlights the friends' custom vehicle builds, crazy stunts, and elaborate pranks.

It's almost time. New epsiodes begin Mon Jan 16th at 10|9c. #diesel #trucks #dieselbrothers #stunts #pickup A post shared by Diesel Brothers (@diesel.brothers) on Jan 10, 2017 at 10:55am PST

"Heavy D" and "Diesel Dave" met at a young single adult ward activity. They bonded over their shared love for diesel trucks and have been working together ever since. "Heavy D," who at the time was operating heavy equipment for his uncle's construction business while running his own small excavation business, hired "Diesel Dave" to help him run the equipment. Today, they build and sell diesel trucks through their business, DieselSellerz.

The "Diesel Brothers" gained recognition for their social media posts and YouTube videos, which highlighted their custom diesel trucks and captured their best pranks and stunt driving. After appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Discovery Channel contacted them and they began filming episodes for Diesel Brothers in 2015. The Diesel Brothers include "Heavy D," "Diesel Dave," "The Muscle" (Keaton Hoskins), and "Redbeard" (Josh Stuart). The show is considered one of cable TV's most popular unscripted series with men ages 24-25.

"Heavy D" and "Diesel Dave" each served missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Last year in February, "Heavy D" shared a Facebook post about his experiences as a missionary in Bolivia and Brazil. He wrote:

"I get a lot of messages from people wanting to know more about my personal life so I'll try to share more.
Here's one that might surprise some of you: When I was 19 I dropped everything I was doing to head deep into the Amazon Jungles of Bolivia and Brazil for 2 years to preach the gospel as an LDS missionary. This is what allowed me to become fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and also taught me the meaning of service.
Be nice. Look for opportunities to help other people. Sometimes nothing can bring more joy to your life than by putting someone else's needs ahead of your own."

In 2009, "Heavy D" met the girl of his dreams at a single adult ward and they were married one year later. His family has grown along with his business, and they currently have three children. His youngest child was born this summer.

We'd like to welcome @heavydsparks baby boy as the newest member of the @diesel.brothers family! @asparks89 and baby are doing great! #FamilyFirst #DieselBrothers A post shared by Diesel Brothers (@diesel.brothers) on May 13, 2017 at 11:36am PDT

"Diesel Dave" also met his wife through a singles ward, and they were married in 2016. Their first child was born in January 2017: 

"This morning at 11:56 am God let me witness a miracle come into the world. A 8lb13oz and 20inch long miracle. That miracles name is Saylor Fé and I'm her Daddy. #mywifeisamazing #imaluckyman"
January 12, 2017 This morning at 11:56 am God let me witness a miracle come into the world. A 8lb13oz and 20inch long miracle. That miracles name is Saylor Fé and I'm her Daddy. #mywifeisamazing #imaluckyman A post shared by Diesel Dave (@the_diesel_dave) on Jan 12, 2017 at 5:06pm PST

"Heavy D" and "Diesel Dave" are publishing a book this August, which will discuss their Diesel Brothers journey as well as their personal lives and will include stories from their LDS missions.

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