Robert Howarth

Robert is the seventh child out of eight and grew up in Dallas, Texas, and then the Bay Area in California. Though having pioneer heritage on all sides of his family, Robert felt detached from his roots until attending BYU and being surrounded by others of his faith. He really got to feel his roots when he was called to the Idaho Pocatello Mission (The Lord really knows what we need). With a new found love for eastern Idaho, Robert returned to Provo, Utah, and met his wife and worked toward becoming a dentist. Life happened, and bills for babies were due, and Robert took a role in sales thinking the dream to work in peoples' mouths would always be there. Twenty-five years, five children, two dogs, and lots of backyard chickens later, Robert is loving his life with all the twists and turns and working as the Chief Revenue Officer for Tech9 in Salt Lake City, Utah. When not in a Zoom meeting, Robert loves to ride his bikes (both road and mountain), eat breakfast cereal, and play keeper for the family co-ed indoor soccer team.