Ruth Cook

Ruth grew up in Sandy, Utah and currently resides in South Jordan, Utah with her husband and four children. She has degrees from both the University of Utah and the University of Phoenix. Aside from that, she’s probably a lot like your Grandma. She likes to spend time with family, is addicted to the library app, and listening to audiobooks while cleaning. Her favorite hobbies are digging in the yard, doing Monday-level New York Times crossword puzzles, and taking care of her family (including extended family and those friends she claims as family). Ruth delights in thrift stores and has a talent for finding good things. Other hobbies include watching documentaries, America’s Test Kitchen, and Monty Don gardening shows. She shows her love to others by cooking and baking for them, and she is the neighborhood go-to for missing ingredients. Fun facts include that she can rarely follow a recipe exactly, and that she has a habit of tinkering in the kitchen using only what she has on hand. According to her kids, she is “really good at cooking,” the “best mom in the world,” “caring,” and “good at drawing slugs."