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What does it mean to be "all in" the gospel of Jesus Christ in the latter days? The answers might surprise you. All In is a podcast from LDS Living, where we explore this question with the help of indiviuals who are striving to live their faith every day—just like you.
Have you ever wondered how people can say that they love the prophet Joseph when they've never even met him? He did live over 200 years ago at a time when the world looked quite different from what we see out our windows. Joseph, a new Deseret Bookshelf Plus Original hosted by beloved historian and writer Heidi Swinton, invites us on a personal journey across time and continents to discover what it looks like to "know brother Joseph" today. With a charming mix of storytelling, music, historical context, and personal experience from Heidi and her friends (some you'll recognize and some who will be new to you) this 7-episode podcast series offers listeners the chance to explore their relationship with Joseph and how that relationship can ultimately lead us closer to Christ.
Join host Tammy Uzelac Hall and friends for the Sunday on Monday study group, a weekly Come, Follow Me–focused podcast where we dig into the scriptures together to find and share the hidden treasures of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Listen to the weekly study groups all at once, or follow our guided daily segments to spread your study throughout the week. However you use it, Sunday on Monday will complement your personal study with real application of the scriptures, real stories, and real laughter. The Sunday on Monday study group is a Deseret Bookshelf PLUS+ original presented by LDS Living. You can access the full study group discussion through the Bookshelf app—and if you aren't yet subscribed to Bookshelf PLUS+, you can try it free for 30 days by going to So grab your scriptures, and let's dig in! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to share what you learned this week.
The stories we tell matter. They can build our faith, help us empathize with others, demonstrate the true power of God in our lives, and help lead us to Christ. This Is the Gospel, an LDS Living storytelling podcast, collects and shares personal stories that illustrate the challenges and triumphs of living in the latter days. If you have a story to share about living the gospel, please call our pitch line and leave us a three-minute pitch at 515-519-6179. We often find many of our stories from the pitch line and we love to hear how the gospel is blessing your life.
The world needs you! No matter how ordinary you feel, you have a powerful role in the gospel of Jesus Christ. As the world gets darker, this is our time to step forward—to love harder, to lead boldly, to live happy! Our conversations are inspired by the prophecy and promise that Latter-day Saint women will be a significant force for good, and we’re here to help each other be these women.