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Stories in this episode: When an undercover rescue operation takes a dangerous turn, Tim rediscovers a truth about how faith works in his life; Davi gets a prompting to do something that seems counterintuitive as she prays to receive healing in depression; A friend’s loss of faith offers Adam an opportunity to search out where to focus his own doubts and faith.
“Faith is a gift and a precious commodity in any age, but an increasingly rare one in our modern world,” Patrick Mason writes in his book, “Planted.” It is for this reason that Mason also states that, “How we deal with doubt in the Church today is one of the most pressing tests of our collective discipleship.” That is not limited to how we approach our own doubts but also how we seek to be compassionate toward others as they face their own doubts.
Did you know research has shown that people who can control their minds have the greatest success in life? In fact, mental strength is a stronger indicator of success than IQ or the economic status of the family one grows up in. So how do we develop mental strength and what does it have to do with faith? Today, we talk with Latter-day Saint Dr. Craig Manning, who has helped some of the greatest athletes in the world answer these questions.
For the last decade, Fiona and Terryl Givens have brought to light wonderful and expansive doctrines in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ by drawing upon literature and other faith traditions. Their work helps Latter-day Saints appreciate the beauty of what we believe. On this week’s episode, we talk with these scholars about many of their books, how those books are influenced by their life experiences, and how their studies have brought us greater appreciation for our faith tradition and the faith traditions of others.
Various philosophers have often mused that there are two halves of our lives. What separates them is the period of time when we transition from a belief system to a humble inner knowing. This week’s guests, Brett and Kate McKay, are no strangers to the evolution of faith and say they have experienced significant moments of decision within their own faith. But they have also found that it is very possible to transition from the first half of life to the second with your faith intact. They believe faith shouldn’t be boring; instead, it’s very possible to stay passionate about the gospel after leaving young adulthood.
While pursuing a doctoral degree from Vanderbilt Divinity School where his studies have been focused on anti-religious rhetoric, Jared Halverson has simultaneously sought to help students who wrestle with questions and doubts about the restored gospel. And while many say that divinity school tends to weaken faith, he says he has only become more convinced of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Have you ever heard of the Lectures on Faith? Maybe you’ve read them a million times, maybe you remember a vague reference to them in seminary, or maybe you’ve never heard of them at all. If you fall into any of those categories, this week's episode is for you. Because what better way to celebrate Christ’s life and Resurrection this Easter week than to study the attributes and characteristics of Deity? So make sure to grab some paper and a pen as we study the sacred attributes of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as taught in the Lectures on Faith.
From the time he was a young boy, Bryan Ready felt drawn to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Initially, he studied everything he could find about it, determined to prove it wasn't the restored church on the earth today. But while working as a Southern Baptist pastor, he allowed himself to consider that it might actually be true. Over the course of five years, he went from tearing down the Church to joining it. On this week’s episode, we talk with Ready about why he eventually concluded that the Church is where he is meant to be, and why it is now his home.
To one degree or another, every person will face doubt in the gospel of Jesus Christ. This isn’t because the gospel is weak, flawed, or because the Church stands on weak historical ground (spoiler: it doesn’t). Doubt occurs naturally, even with faithful, commandment-keeping members. Just like joy and sorrow or bitter and sweet, doubt and faith are two sides of the same coin.
On January 13, 2019, Elder and Sister Renlund will speak at a worldwide devotional for young adults focused on doubt and faith. "When is a time in your life that you have chosen to 'doubt not, but be believing?' There are times in both of our lives when we have had to rely heavily on our faith," the Renlunds shared on Facebook along with this video invitation: