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Shauna Seamons

Shauna grew up in Illinois as the second oldest of 8 children. She has 30 nieces and nephews and loves spending time with them. Shauna loves teaching the gospel, she has taught seminary and institute for 21 years in AZ, UT, WA, ID at BYUI, and currently teaches at the Logan Institute of Religion. Shauna has her Bachelors's Degree from BYU in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and Physics. Her Master's Degree is in Religious Education, also from BYU. She is working on her Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction and will complete that in May 2022. Shauna loves cheese, the color brown, fall leaves, and baseball; as well as cooking, baking, camping, and traveling. Although not married yet, she looks forward to the day when she can marry a fine man in the temple and raise a family, that has and will always be the most important goal in her life.