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Sister Bingham: An Invitation to My Sisters—Draw Upon the Power That Is Yours


“I believe it will change your life.”

President Nelson, in the women’s session of general conference, spoke to women about understanding our access to God’s power, or priesthood power. He pled with us to understand that “the heavens are just as open to women who are endowed with God’s power flowing from their priesthood covenants as they are to men who bear the priesthood” (“Spiritual Treasures,” October 2019 general conference).

Think about the significance of that statement. The heavens are open to YOU and me, my dear sisters! President Nelson continues, “Sisters, you have the right to draw liberally upon the Savior’s power to help your family and others you love.”

You have the right—and I’d add, as a covenant-keeping daughter of God, the responsibility—to draw upon the power of Jesus Christ to bless your life and the lives of those you love. Imagine how understanding these prophetic promises and invitations can literally change your life.

As members of the restored Church of Jesus Christ, men and women receive priesthood power when we participate in priesthood ordinances and keep the related covenants. These include the covenants made at baptism and in the temple.

Being endowed with priesthood power—God’s power—means having greater power to press forward in fulfilling God’s purposes. It enables us to progress and advance in life. We are given the power to use our agency to influence others for good in authorized priesthood purposes. It magnifies us to be more than we could be on our own.

Article by Sister Jean B. Bingham; lead image from
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