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Sister Nelson Shares 4 Truths to Help Young Adults Choose the Right Spouse & Create a Happy Marriage


During a worldwide devotional for young adults on Sunday evening, President Russell M. Nelson and Sister Wendy Watson Nelson shared important insights that will help all church members, not only young adults. 

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Sister Nelson shared “Aunt Wendy’s four truths about love and marriage.”

“I’d like to share four truths I believe will not only save you from unnecessary heartache, but will help you to be, and to choose, a righteous spouse and then to create a happy marriage and a productive family,” she said.

Truth No. 1: “The truths about love and marriage are brought to you by the Holy Ghost from our Heavenly Father who decreed marriage to be an irreplaceable component of that plan,” she said. “The Spirit is the true messenger of these truths.”

In contrast, Satan perpetuates lies about love and marriage.

“The adversary rejoices every time he persuades a victim to embrace anything that defiles or degrades love and marriage,” she said.

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