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We’ve Inherited Their Genetic Metabolism. This Makes Us Fat in a Sugary, Fast Food World.


When Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden they became the world’s first hunters and gatherers.

“Cursed is the ground for thy sake . . . in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life... and thou shalt eat the herb of the field. . .In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, ... Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden to till the ground …” Genesis 3: 17-19, 23.

In order to survive, our early hunter and gatherer ancestors had to work or “exercise” to get their food. They had to walk and reach and bend and push and pull and lift to obtain the food nature provided them.   

The food they ate was food of the earth, filled with life-enriching vitamins, minerals, amino and essential fatty acids — grains, vegetables, fruit, honey and lean meats from fowl, fish and other foraging animals.


Less than 1,500 Calories Triggers a Starvation Response

When food was scarce, their brain helped protect them against starvation. When calories fell below 1,500 units a day their brain went into starvation mode. It signaled their bodies to become tired in order to conserve stored fat and their appetite for quick energy food increased in order to provide the brain with life-sustaining glucose.

We’ve Inherited the Genes of Our Best Fat-Storing Ancestors

Our ancestors were more starvation-resistant—the best storers and retainers of fat— and survived and passed their genetic code on to us. We’ve inherited the metabolism of our early hunter and gatherer ancestors and that’s why over 60% of us are overweight—chronically obese.

A Diet Rich in White Food Wreaks Havoc

Today, we no longer have to hunt and gather for our food. It’s prepared for us, so our natural motivation to exercise no longer exists. The majority of the food we eat is white food—refined flour and table sugar in the form of pastries, cake, pie, soft drinks, etc.—and meats overly high in saturated fat.

This white food diet results in insulin resistance. Insulin is needed to convert fat into energy in our cells. The “white” diet produces an excess of insulin. So much so that our cells are overwhelmed and begin to block insulin from entering. When this happens more fat is stored in the body than burned—stored especially around the waist and buttocks.

Dieting Triggers Our Brain’s Protective Mechanism Against Starvation

As a result, we gain weight and get fatter and fatter. This fat is hard to lose. To lose it, many of us go on low-calorie, near starvation diets. We think if we reduce calories our body will begin to rid itself of excess fat. Yet, the opposite happens. Dieting triggers our brain’s protective mechanism against starvation. We become tired and lethargic—we don’t want to move. Our cravings for quick energy—sugar-based foods—increase in intensity.

All the while we are losing weight. But, what kind of weight? Fat? 

Our Brain Cannibalizes Our Body’s Muscles

Most of the weight we lose when we diet is mostly water and lean muscle tissue.  Remember our brain wants to hold on to fat during perceived periods of starvation. So it converts muscle tissue (protein) into glucose (sugar) for energy. Our brain cannibalizes our body’s muscles in order to survive (gluconeogenesis). We begin to waste away. This wasting-away shows up on the scale and is deceptive. 

Yes, we’re losing weight, but not the right kind of weight. We lose water, muscle tissue, and very little fat.

This is a double tragedy because we need lean muscle to burn fat. Lean muscle produces fat-combusting enzymes. When we lose muscle we further lose our ability to burn fat and we get fatter and fatter.

Our Cravings Eventually Overwhelm Us

We can only “starve” ourselves for so long on low-calorie diets. Our cravings for quick energy eventually overwhelm us. We binge and go back to our old white-food eating habits.  

Our brain wants to protect us against further bouts of starvation so it adds another 10 or more pounds of fat reserves to our body. 

A Vicious Downward Spiral in Our Lives

This diet-lose weight-gain it all back-plus some becomes a vicious downward spiral in our lives. It seems the less we eat the fatter we become. Why? Our brain is in a constant protection mode against starvation.

The vast majority of us are in starvation mode. As a result we’re tired (to conserve energy and fat). We don’t want to move. We’re constantly hungry with powerful cravings for sugar and quick-energy food. We’re depressed. We think we’re destined to be overweight for the rest of our lives. We begin to hate our bodies and ourselves. We lose confidence and respect in ourselves. Our relationships begin to sour. It seems like there’s no way out. 

Break this Self-defeating Cycle. Eat Plenteous Amounts of Healthy Food

Yet, there is a way out. It’s simple and easy-to-understand and do. You can break this pernicious, self-defeating cycle. How? By eating plenteous and bounteous amounts of healthy food—the same kind of food available to our early ancestors—not food produced by mass-market processors and in chemical laboratories.

When you eat good food to full satisfaction, your brain perceives you’re no longer starving. 

When your brain feels no longer threatened by starvation it readily and quickly gives up its fat stores. 

You finally begin to lose weight by living in harmony with your genetic code and your body’s natural healing and health systems.

You become energetic and you want to move. This begins to build up fat-combusting lean muscle. 

Your appetite for and consumption of healthy food increases and the cells of your body become infused and enriched with vitality stimulating vitamins, minerals, and fat burning acids and enzymes.Your brain relaxes. You begin to lose all of the excess fat your body no longer needs. In a short while, you’re lean and healthy and happy and energetic. 

400 LDS Women Lose Weight and Keep It Off in BYU Study—By Eating, Not Dieting

This is what Garth Fisher, PhD, founder of the prestigious BYU Human Performance Research Center, discovered. He helped more than 400 overweight LDS women lose weight and keep it off for good by eating, not dieting.

The Neuropsychology of Weight Control. 1.3 Million Strong

Dr. Fisher joined forces with Steve DeVore who was doing research on human performance and motivation at the famed Stanford University Neuropsychology Laboratory to create an easy-to-follow, step-by-step audio and study guide-based weight loss course called “The Neuropsychology of Weight Control” (NPWC).  The NPWC was published by SyberVision Systems. 

It was quickly adopted and used by over 1.3 million people, worldwide, with amazing results.

Dr. Fisher and Steve DeVore wanted to make the program even better. So they surveyed and interviewed the most successful of their 1.3 million NPWC followers to learn how and why they were successful.

Self-Motivation, 10 Day Magic & the Support of a Friend

They learned the most successful were able to motivate themselves to start and stay with the program and make its eating, exercise and thinking principles a life-long mindset and habit. 

They discovered when people were able to consistently follow the NPWC’s simple eating and exercise principles for 10 days and if they were joined in their fat loss effort with a family member or friend, their chances of success increased by 90%.

New Weight Control Program Emerges

This new information became the foundation for a more powerfully effective weight control program called “The New Neuropsychology of Weight Control.” 

Dr. Fisher and Steve DeVore believe there is only one way to lose excess body fat—to re-create a body that is lean and healthy and energetic—and a life that is emotion and relationship-rich and joyous.  

Focus Your New Found Confidence and Energy on Fulfilling Your Destiny

The master key to this new life is to feed your body, mind, and spirit with plenteous and bounteous amounts of healthy food—to live in harmony with your genetically (hunter and gatherer) inherited metabolism and to focus your new found confidence and energy on fulfilling your life’s mission and destiny—whatever it is—instead of focusing on your primitive, fat-storing survival needs.

Lose All the Excess Weight That Has Been Holding You Back

Our problem with being overweight is the metabolism we inherited from our ancient ancestors has been misplaced in a time and age that provides us with unhealthy food without the expenditure of effort. 

With the knowledge that eating, not dieting, is the key to a lean, energetic and healthy life, and with The New Neuropsychology of Weight Control program, you can finally lose all of the excess weight that has been holding you back for years.

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