Sponsored: BYUtv's Newest Faith-Based Show


While there isn’t much to be done about social distancing and staying home, you can choose a new kind of TV entertainment that will uplift, educate, and inspire you — both spiritually and musically. BYUtv’s new show, "Grace Notes" is the perfect anecdote to the quarantine blues.

Guests you’ll recognize

Every 30-minute episode will have two special spiritually influenced artists, songwriters, and musicians. Perhaps one of the most notable guests of the show is one you'll see on every show — the host.


Elaine Bradley, the drummer of Neon Trees, walks audiences through meaningful conversation with the artists about faith and finding peace in Christ. She sits down with artists like Yolanda Adams, Brooke White, John Ondrasik, Travis Green, Jenny Oaks Baker & Family Four, Lindsey Stirling, GENTRI and more.

While many of the guests come from different circumstances and even different religious backgrounds, they all share a musical commonality. Each artist has experienced significant faith-building and trying seasons in life, inspiring beautifully gripping songs.



Experience the soul-gripping music from your own living room as they perform some of their hit songs that lift and inspire audiences around the world. Depending on the featured artist, you could hear original pieces or a unique twist on classic hymns, or both.

The inspiration

The hope was to establish a space where souls could be stirred by spiritually inspired music, and where the creative musical minds could explore how spirituality and divinity influence their work.


Many people can recognize that music can touch someone's heart in a way that words and even actions cannot.

BYUtv partnered with Kaleidoscope Pictures to create "Grace Notes" with the help and creativity of many talented individuals.

Where to see it

The show airs on April 26 on BYUtv. Check out this show and more on BYUtv.org — no subscription required.