Sponsored: New Brick'Em Young Figurines Available!


What does a Captain Moroni figurine look like? Brick’Em Young is pleased to announce several new and excited products which can now be purchased at www.brickemyoung.com.

Just in time for the upcoming Christmas season, Brick’Em Young has created a new Book of Mormon figurine set which complements well with the Nativity set. The Book of Mormon figurine set contains a total of 315 pieces. With this set children are able to mix and match the figurines to tell numerous stories of the Book of Mormon including Ammon, Abinadi, Nephi, Enos, Abish, Samuel the Lamanite, the Stripling Warriors, Mormon, Moroni and many more. 

Use the figurines to build the Tree of Life and witness Lehi, Sariah and family members partake of the fruit. Assist Nephi and his brothers to build a ship to sail to the promised land.  Build a tower for King Benjamin to speak and deliver his final address. Create King Noah’s chair and the scene where Abinadi testifies before the king and his evil priests.  Watch as Ammon protects the king’s sheep from Lamanites troublemakers.  Witness as Abish gathers a crowd to witness the conversion of King Lamoni.  Assist Captain Moroni to create and hoist the Title of Liberty.  Observe the lesson of Ammonite mother’s as they teach their sons to follow the commandments of the Lord with exactness. Watch as Helaman leads the 2,000 stripling warriors to victory. Help Moroni compile the records into the golden plates and assist Moroni as he buries the plates.

Each set comes with 6 main body parts.  By mixing and matching you can literally tell all the stories of the Book of Mormon with over 100 possible combinations.

For a limited time, Free Shipping is being offered on all Brick’Em Young purchases from www.brickemyoung.com!

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