SPONSORED: New LDS Pianist Garth Smith's CD "Sacred Hymns" Touches Hearts

"Once-in-a-while someone comes along and I feel compelled/prompted to share their message. New LDS artist/pianist Garth Smith is one of those. "Sacred Hymns" is a compilation I've been listening to for the past two days and (it has) soothed my soul."

So writes popular LDS blogger Heidi Allen Garvin (Mormon Moms Blog, read article here). Since Garth Smith's "Sacred Hymns Arranged and Performed on the Piano by Garth Smith" CD was released just a few weeks ago, lives have been touched and the surge of acceptance of the CD has been "overwhelming", according to Smith. 

Shelby Scoffied, writer at the Deseret News agrees, calling "Sacred Hymns" a "moving CD that can inspire and comfort...his (Smith's) talent echoes that of the Piano Guys" (read article here.)

Soon after Smith's "Sacred Hymns" CD was released, he was signed by RLegacy Entertainment in Salt Lake City. As word of the CD got out, Smith says "I have received e-mail after e-mail from buyers who have told me how much the music has been inspirational and uplifting in their lives."

One new fan is popular writer Jonathon Decker, also known as the "Mormon Movie Guy". Writing for The Meridian Magazine, Decker says "Smith invests such passion, testimony, and tenderness into his arrangements that he elicits powerful emotions in the listener. He's a talented performer, using his gifts to inspire faith and glorify the Lord through the power of music. I listened to the album in the car this week and my soul felt uplifted and pacified" (Read article here.)

Another popular husband/wife blog team, John and Kara Huntinghouse, of the LDS SMILE blog, have this to say about the "Sacred Hymns" CD: "Few CDs have touched us as much as "Sacred Hymns" has in our household. Beautifully arranged and masterfully crafted to allow the listener to feel at peace while following along with their hearts and mind to the sacred hymns that we have come to know and love." (Read article here.)

The "Sacred Hymns" CD has been added to the music rotation on The Mormon Channel, YourLDSRadio, and will soon be available for listening on Pandora. 

You can order your own CD (and give "Sacred Hymns" as a gift to loved ones, ward members, or missionaries) by clicking the link here www.GarthSmithMusic.com.

The "Sacred Hymns" CD would also make a GREAT Mother's Day gift!

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