SPONSORED: What Is Your Call to Serve?


“I see two kinds of service: one, the service we render when we are called to serve in the Church; the other, the service we willingly give to those around us because we are taught to care,” said President Boyd K. Packer, president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

“Called to serve” is a familiar phrase among the young and old alike, whether it be called to serve a mission, serve the Church, or to readily serve those in need around us. MY CALL TO SERVE’s company mission is to provide an opportunity for people to outwardly express their inner commitment—whatever that call may be. 

The company was launched in February 2014 with the goal of creating high quality, customizable collections of inspirational gifts and jewelry designed to commemorate very special occasions such as baptisms and setting a date to submit mission papers. The sister and elder jewelry collections can also serve as a visible reminder of commitment while on a mission as well as commemorate a “Return with Honor” from a mission. But the MY CALL TO SERVE customizable collections are especially suited to “hasten the work” in daily life, where sometimes just a simple visual reminder makes the difference in how we choose to live. 

One of our early customers shared his experience: 

“I took a survey a few months ago and it asked ‘What is your greatest accomplishment?’ I immediately wrote, ‘Serving a 2 year mission for my church.’ But I’ve never had something to outwardly represent that. Some wear championship rings; others wear jackets, now I have something visible, kind of like a trophy reminding me of prior triumph. Not only that, (but) within 2 hours of first wearing it I had someone ask ‘What's 'My Call to Serve?'’. We had a great talk about the church and missions. It's literally a tool to help us always be missionaries."

MyCallToServe.com features customizable gift collections for elders, sisters, young men and young women as well as products designed especially for moms and dads. See the latest collections at www.mycalltoserve.com.

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