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Bonus: Polygamy

Thu Nov 11 18:50:21 EST 2021
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A couple of weeks ago we asked our listeners if they had any questions about polygamy. And boy, did you guys do not disappoint! We received many questions on Facebook and Instagram about this practice in early Church history that we decided to create a special bonus episode to answer a few of them. So if you have ever wondered why polygamy was practiced or if it will be practiced in heaven, sit tight. Our guests and Church historians Jenny Reeder and Brittany Chapman Nash will answer these questions and more as we dig into this bonus episode about polygamy. Find the full bonus episode here.

“There will be shiftings in time and revisions in eternity and all be made right in the end” (Henry B. Jacobs letter to Zina D. Jacobs, Brooklyn, New York, to Camp of Isreael, Grand Isleand [sic], Aug. 19, 1846, Church History Library, Salt Lake City; spelling modernized).

Sarah = Sar (Captain or ruler) a (Female)

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