Suzanna Erickson

Suzanna Erickson is from Utah but has lived outside the state. She longed for a mountain view and, luckily, her family found a house with a mountain in their back yard. They have become quite the redneck farmers from the chickens to the dogs to the cows and horses and the goats next door, and husband and sons honking train horns they installed on their trucks. Thankfully, they are blessed with kind patient neighbors! Suzanna has learned to embrace it and wouldn’t change a thing. She has six of the best kids and a husband who tries to desensitize them every once in a while, but they don’t budge.

You will find Suzanna watching any kind of sports and cheering her kids on in anything they’re doing. She loves being with her family most of all and spending time with them and being with her husband who keeps her laughing and reminding her to not take life too seriously. She wants to freeze time right now before her oldest leaves for Ghana on his mission and just enjoy every moment!