‘The ABCs for spiritual growth’: What President Nelson taught his family during his 96th birthday celebration


President Russell M. Nelson’s 96th birthday celebration may have looked similar to experiences you’ve had with your family during the pandemic—a video conference call, complete with the hurdles of technology like muting and unmuting microphones and wiggly children.


To celebrate his 96th birthday, President Nelson’s family gathered together through technology with 276 total participants in 61 locations to wish their father, grandfather, and great-grandfather happy birthday, as reported by Church News.

During the celebration, President Nelson shared with his family the “ABCs for spiritual growth—A: be attractive, B: be bright,” C: build character.” He encouraged his family members to reflect love and encouragement in their spiritual appearance, brighten the room when they enter it, and to build their character with faith, virtue, patience, obedience, and more.

In addition to his celebration with his family, in a Facebook post this week President Nelson thanked people worldwide for sending him birthday greetings.

Read more about President Nelson’s teachings during his virtual birthday celebration at Church News.

Images: Intellectual Reserve, Inc. 

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