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The Big Movie Cameo Steve Young Turned Down Because of His Beliefs

An article on Larry Brown Sports this week reported an interesting story about the young Steve Young.

As a starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Steve Young was one of the top choices for a cameo appearance in a (then new) comedy by the Farrelly brothers, There's Something About Mary. The brothers reported that after they offered the role to Drew Bledsoe, who declined, they turned to Young. 

Years after Young also rejected their offer, the brothers recall why he did so. 

"Young was interested, but he thought it would set a bad example for the Mormon community" the article states. The brothers remember that "Steve Young called one day and said ‘That’s the funniest script I’ve ever read. But I cannot do it, because if I do it, it’s R-rated, and I know all the Mormon kids will be sneaking in and I wouldn’t feel good about that.'"

Though this incident happened many years ago, Young is still remembered today for standing up for his values and the values of the Mormon community. What an awesome way to be remembered!

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