The Bonner Family sends powerful message in cover of 'Run and Tell That' from 'Hairspray'


In 2002 the popular musical Hairspray, set in the 1960s, sought to start a conversation about societal topics, including the issue of racial strife. The conversation surrounding racism remains more relevant than ever. Today, The Bonner Family is using a song from the musical, “Run and Tell That,” to encourage people to speak up about racial inequality.

The Bonners teamed up with their fellow Latter-day Saints behind the YouTube channel Working with Lemons to create a music video to shed light on the issue.

“I can't see the reason it can’t be the kinda world where we all get our chance,” the song’s lyrics say. “The time is now, and we can show them how to turn the music up and let's all dance.”

Watch the video below.

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Hairspray! Run and Tell That feat. The Bonner Family

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