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The Most Tender Things Children Pray For: 20+ Unforgettable Responses


There is nothing quite so simple and pure as the faith of a child, and that faith often shines through when they speak to their Heavenly Father in prayer. Here are just a few of the incredible responses from our readers when we asked them to share the most tender thing they heard a child pray for:

My 4-year-old sweetly asked that her sister would be resurrected so they could be together the next morning.
Our 4-year-old daughter was praying that Heavenly Father would bless Jesus because he had a big job to do. I had never even thought to pray for Jesus until that point.
My 6-year-old still prays that President Monson is okay in Heaven with his wife.
My little brother fairly often prays that the angels in heaven will have a nice day too.
That Jesus’ hands would feel better because someone put nails in them.
My little boy years ago ended his prayer with, “And I love everybody up there, especially you two guys, Heavenly Father and Jesus.” And another little son told Him to take good care of all His babies (knowing that our new babies came from Him in heaven so there must be a lot of them up there to take care of).
His Pokemon: "Heavenly Father, please take care of my Pokemon yegymaster." I'm always wondering who is yegymaster? . . . And then he never forgets to pray for the kids in Africa that don't have toys. He prays to Heavenly Father for them to have Pokemons someday 💓💓💓 He is such a loving and caring kid ❤
Our son when 3 was praying and asked the Father to please bless his little sailboat on his shirt he was wearing because he loves it and wanted to wear it again. 😀
Finding out that all the Primary kids prayed together with the Bishop that I’d start breathing again and get off the respirator.
During nighttime prayers, I asked my 5-year-old to pray that his surgery would go well. (He was having tonsils removed next morning.) But instead, he prayed that his friend's homework wouldn’t fly away like it had done that day at school making his friend sad. ❤️❤️
When my twins were 8, my mom was sick and dying. Jakub would pray every night, “Please bless Grandma not to die, but if she dies, please let her watch over us.”
Right after my 8-year-old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, he was in the hospital and struggling a lot emotionally and we heard him praying “that he could just get through this”. ❤️ He got through it. 😊
My sister-in-law was widowed and has not been active in the Church for a long time, and my middle daughter prays every time it's her turn that her aunt will feel loved and feel safe and feel angels around her. She's often the only person my daughter asks specific blessings for. It's very sweet and those blessings are very needed.
My 6-year-old prays (every day) for Satan and his followers to repent.
My 11-year-old son prayed that he wouldn’t become a moody teenager and that he would always love his mommy and daddy, even after he hit puberty. That was my favorite prayer ever. 😉
We had fertility issues and they told us we should just be grateful we got the one we did, with all our issues. He prayed for a baby brother when he was 6 years old. We got pregnant; still not sure how but the faith of a child supersedes medical professionals. They are now 24 and 17, and the best of friends!
Our 4-year-old prayed, “Thank you for Grandpa Hawkins being happy in heaven with Jesus again.”
My younger sister when I wasn't being the best example, she asked Heavenly Father to "please help me remember who I was and I can do better than what I have been doing, and also to help our parents to show me love. And to love me even though I was really hard to love, just like He does." She about 8 and I was 18. Hearing that prayer helped me remember and change my ways.
My son daily prays to keep his baby sister. We’re a foster family, hoping to adopt. He wants so badly to have his sister forever.
Our little 7-year-old Cal tells Heavenly Father, "I love you as much as you love me" during his prayers.
My special needs kiddo once prayed for Little Bo Peep, who had lost her sheep.
My 4-year-old prayed for my brother (who he never met) to be safe in heaven and for me to feel better after he (my brother) died
My daughter prayed for her kitten that got lost to come home. I kept thinking my daughter was going to learn a hard lesson about how sometimes our prayers aren’t always answered like we want them to be. That kitten was gone for over a month. Well, one day we got a call that someone found a kitten, and low and behold, it was my daughter’s kitten. I was the one that learned the lesson.
Shortly after we got a puppy, we visited the animal shelter and my kids cried the whole way home. They wanted to save all the animals and couldn’t stand leaving them behind at the shelter. That night they prayed for all the animals at the shelter that they would get adopted and have families to love them. 💜
When my nephew was 3 there was a popular song on the radio that said something about "in the club getting tipsy". . . hence his prayer, "Please bless everyone in the club getting tipsy." 🤦‍♀️🤔😂 Clearly he didn't understand but felt they needed some extra blessings. 😂
This was said back in the early 90s and a Primary child I know prayed one of the sweetest prayers. She prayed that the children who lived in areas where bombing were going on would be able to find a place to lay their heads and rest.
When my son was 4 he prayed for Gandalf the Grey every night that he wasn’t really dead and that he’d be resurrected if he was.
My 4-year-old grandson said, "Please help us to choose the right, or the left.” ❤️
In Primary, a sunbeam prayed for his mom to come home from the hospital.❤️
Our son asked, “Please bless the bad guys.” He’s always rooted for the underdog to be better.
Our 5-year-old granddaughter prayed: “And please bless that Jesus can come again. You’ve had Him for such a long time, but we understand if you still need Him.”
My sweet daughter prayer that we would be able to have another baby . . . several times a day . . . for more than 5 years! Her prayers were answered the day before she turned 7 when she received a baby brother. We then proceeded to have three children in three years! We then asked her to please stop asking for babies in her prayers!!!
When my then 5-year-old granddaughter was heard quietly praying in the hospital waiting room for her grandpa when he was having open heart surgery. It made a grown man cry when he overheard her.🙏🏻❤️
My son prays every night that his daddy in heaven will watch over him.
My 4-year-old prayed for all the butterflies to be safe when they fly.
My son used to pray every day that my dad’s brain tumor would go away. But he couldn’t say it correctly and said, “Please bless Grandbuddy’s train boomer that it will go away.”

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