The Nourishing Place - The Cathedrals of Europe

The villages and thatched-roofed cottages, the green rolling, patchwork countryside, hedgerows, and rock walls topped with wild raspberries and tangled ivy bring a sense of peace and well-being found nowhere else in the world. The Alps of Switzerland, the fiords of Norway, the coastal beauty of England and France, the meanderings of the Rhine or Danube, the Roman ruins and Renaissance art of Italy have all found a place in my heart never to be removed. These are the lands of our ancestors and we feel a unique bond with them while walking the ground that gave them birth.

Time’s limits fade as we carry on our conversations with the past. But there is another aspect of Europe’s draw that sits so deeply in my mind, it is a spiritual dimension that I first discovered, and is constantly renewed, in the great cathedrals that dominate the skyline of so many cities.

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