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The Tattooed Mormon: God Doesn't Always Tell Us What's Right


You want to follow God's will, but what is that exactly? How can we tell our thoughts from the Spirit's promptings? How do we know what's best, not just good? Al Fox Carraway, known as the "Tattooed Mormon," answered all of these questions in her latest blog post.

God doesn’t always tell us what is right.

Annoying, right?

How difficult it is sometimes to move forward with decision making because of this. Especially when you want so badly just to follow His will for you, but you aren’t exactly sure what His will is. Although we can receive from God all the time very specific answers that are very clear, there are also times when we just can’t figure it out.

How can we discern between our thoughts [and] the Spirit?

We are told that all good things come from God, and if it’s good then we are to go for it. But what if it just seems good to you but it’s not good in His eyes? But what if there’s more than one good option to choose from? What then?

How can we know what is best rather than what one is just good?

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