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The Truth Behind the Saying 'I'm Not Judging, But...'

Saying "I'm not judging, but..." IS judging and is SO hurtful and destructive to even the "strongest" of people. Never will there be a single reason that justifies negativity towards anyone, especially those you don't know, even if you are “ just saying." Please, think before commenting, and if this is something you struggle with, please help by not commenting at all. The adversary is on all of us enough as it is, let’s not add any more weight to someone’s day and self-worth.

Because truly, the most important thing is that we are trying, especially if we aren’t there yet. Even if there is so much more you can be doing. Because no matter how small of steps you are taking to understand more, do better, and be more are the most important steps you can be taking and they do not go unnoticed by your Father in Heaven.

An older woman at church last Sunday said, "If you've never been offended by someone at church then you don't go often enough." Haha

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