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Run, don’t walk. Jazzy gospel singer Emma Nissen dropped a new single that lights up the dark

Emma Nissen’s newest track, “Hold On,” highlights her incredible jazzy voice and a powerful message of hope.
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Fans of the young “jazzy gospel” singer Emma Nissen have been patiently waiting for new music, and the wait is finally over!

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Emma’s newest song, “Hold On,” is a softer track, and her incredible vocals really stand out against the beautiful, simple piano accompaniment.

In the second verse of the song, Emma sings about a feeling of darkness many of us can relate to:

“I needed light to fill my eyes, something to look at in the darker nights. My tears I spent, couldn’t see where I was going, I needed light to fill my eyes.”

And the chorus offers a beautiful response to this cry for light—a message that also can be found in our loving Savior Jesus Christ:

“Hold on to me. Wrap your arms right around, I’ll keep you safe and sound, just hold on to me.”

On her Instagram account, Emma shared, “‘Hold On’ is a prayer I’ve said many times and I’m grateful to be able to put it to music and share it with all of you.”

So far on YouTube, listeners are loving the new song and its beautiful message. Comments include “Ooh my soul needed this, thank you and praise the Lord!!”, “Yayyyyy I’m crying! Love it so much!!!” and “Her voice is smooth as warm caramel.”

You can listen to the brand-new track from Emma in the player below. And don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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