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Toni Ragsdale

Toni Ragsdale was born in Chicago, Illinois. Most of her childhood was unpleasant, and she grew up in poverty.

She has three biological children and also raised her sister's children when she became ill and passed away. She works full-time as Manager of the Customer Service Dept for Insure-Rite, State of Utah Insurance Verification Department. Toni is married to one of God's most fabulous creations, Rev. Jay Ragsdale. She and her husband are the founders of the Fill the Pot Ministry. The organization started in Pioneer Park 15 years ago with a captivated audience of 4 people; today, they feed an average of 421 people a week within our community.

Toni has served on several community boards and projects. She Loves serving in the kingdom of God. She served many years at Calvary Baptist Church, where she grew, worshipped, and implemented and co-directed the Mentorship program for young women called G.R.A.C.E. She was the Director of the Women Ministry and Children's Church for nine years. Toni enjoys Partnering with other community organizations of all faiths, encouraging sisterhood, and mentoring women.

In April 2019, she received the Humans Rights award by the Church Women United Organization. She has spoken at several women's events and events for The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints. She has started a Women's Ministry called TINT, which welcomes all faiths and builds a stronger relationship with Christ.

She considers herself a sister-soldier, with a reputation of love and integrity, understanding, servant, and excellent leadership. She values growth, self-reflecting, and honesty. Her passion for God is non-negotiable; her love for her family is without measure; her love for her friends and community is without question. She thrives from waking up and, another day, a new opportunity to be used by God.