Ultimate Disaster Preparedness Guide


Home fires, downed power lines, and winter weather can be just as deadly as earthquakes and tornadoes. It’s important to prepare for natural disasters, but our NEW Disaster Preparedness Guide, “When Disaster Hits Home” is a great reminder to be ready for any crisis that may strike—big or small.

We’ve teamed up with the Deseret News to create this free guide to help our customers and readers confidently answer the question: Am I prepared for the unexpected? “When Disaster Hits Home” can teach you and your family how to prepare for the unexpected in several ways. It includes helpful hints on how to

• Stay safe and prevent home fires

• Prepare for floods (did you know floods are the most common natural disaster?)

• Get the entire family involved in preparedness (It even includes a preparedness activity sheet for kids)

• Build an emergency kit for school, work, home, cars, and pets

• Survive in your car in freezing temperatures

• Provide the basics of survival (food, water, shelter, and warmth) during an emergency

This 12-page feature is a great resource for getting prepared whether you’re a seasoned prepper or new to emergency preparedness. “When Disaster Hits Home” will teach you things you may not have known about preparation, and statistics about natural disasters and unexpected emergencies that happen in the U.S. It even offers personal stories from people who have lived through unexpected disasters.

Check out our new Disaster Preparedness Guide, “When Disaster Hits Home” online or, if you live in Utah, you can pick up a printed copy at one of our stores.  Either way, it’s totally free and full to the brim with great info.

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