Ultimate Guide: Modest Shorts 2014

As an extremely tall (nearly 6’1”) LDS female, I’ve personally experienced the horrors of trying to find shorts that actually go to my knees. I completely understand that what is long enough for one woman may look like short-shorts on another woman. (All too often I was that other woman!) And I confess, I actually made my favorite pair of knee-length shorts from an old pair of jeans that shrunk in the wash. (Awkward high-waters, anyone? No, thank you.) 

My only disclaimer: we’ve all got different lengths of legs, so wear what works for you. And of course, modesty doesn't only mean our hemlines, but who we are inside as well. But let's be honest. It feels nice to enjoy some sun while staying modest at the same time.

So I’ve found the motherload of modest, knee-length shorts! It took some digging, but here it is. From Downeast Basics to Lane Bryant, we’ve got you covered. Literally. 


Downeast Basics, $29.99


Downeast Basics, $29.99


Buckle, $54.40


Lane Bryant, $64.95


Macy's, $59.50


Macy's $74.00


Macy's $74.00


Buckle, $71.20

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