UVU pole vaulter shares what led him to hope after contemplating suicide


Last year, Larry Dominic Still became the second indoor track and field athlete in Utah Valley University school history to be named an All-American while also being an All-Academic athlete. But at the beginning of his career as a collegiate athlete, Still’s life seemed to be on a very different trajectory. He recalls partying to combat mental challenges he faced before ultimately deciding to take his own life. He had already begun typing a suicide note to his family and friends in a group text and was walking alone on a cold night on an empty street when a truck drove past seemingly out of nowhere. The truck stopped and backed up.

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Finding Christ During Difficult Times

“Hey, are you doing OK? Do you need a ride anywhere? Because there’s nothing going that way,” the driver of the car said, pointing in the direction Still was walking.

“Kind of looking back at it, I’m walking towards darkness. I’m walking towards a decision that ends everything, and for that man to point out ‘nothing’s down there’ . . . and I know with all my heart that was Heavenly Father’s doing—that he probably gave that man a prompting to check on me and to make sure I was OK.”

Watch the video recently released by the Church to learn about Dominic’s subsequent conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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