‘Washington Times’ explains how the new ‘All In’ book was born from a show in the top 5 percent of all religion and spirituality podcasts

The August 26 print edition of The Washington Times included an article highlighting the success of the All In podcast as well as the All In book, which was released last month.

The article, which is also available online, explains that the premise of the podcast is exploring what it means to be “all in” the gospel of Jesus Christ. That exploration has included perspectives from high-profile guests who are not members of the Church, including Lauren Daigle, Kristin Chenoweth, and Dallas Jenkins. The article also points out that in the podcast industry, 9,000 downloads are enough to put a podcast in a category’s top five percent. How many downloads does All In have? More than 8.6 million.

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With that much interest, All In host Morgan Jones began exploring the possibility of compiling various interview quotes into a book.

“We started getting emails from people saying that they were taking all of the ‘all in’ answers from the end of each podcast episode and compiling them themselves,” Jones told The Washington Times. “If this is something that people are doing on their own, maybe we just make it easier on them and compile them all ourselves.”

Jones explains how putting the book together ended up being a lot more work than she initially anticipated—the quotes she was compiling didn’t “pack as much of a punch” without the context of the whole interview. So, she wrote introductions and explanations throughout each chapter to help weave thoughts and themes together in a more cohesive way. 

All In: Exploring What it Means to be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ is available now. Latter-day Saint Steve Carlston, who operates a network TV-owned station in Los Angeles, has read the book and expressed high praise.

Carlston said that in her podcast interviews, Jones “comes away with a wonder and a joy, and shares that wonder and joy in the book.” He also said various interview guests demonstrate “the fight for joy, the search for light” and that the windows of heaven are open for answers for all people.  

Read the full article on The Washington Times. Find the All In book at deseretbook.com

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