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Watch: A shocking real-life example of why you don’t ‘build your house upon the sand’

From their earliest Primary classes, Latter-day Saint children enthusiastically sing about the wise man and the foolish man building their respective houses on rocks and sand and facing their fates as the “rains come tumbling down.”

For any parents or Primary teachers who may be interested in showing a real-life example of this parable , an unoccupied house in North Carolina recently collapsed into the ocean. The video makes for an incredible illustration of this very important principle. You can watch the mesmerizing video in the player below.

According to The Washington Post, this was one of two homes on the North Carolina Outer Banks that collapsed into the sea after days of wind, rain, and waves pounded the area.

And here’s one more metaphor we can pull from this story: This recent storm hasn’t been particularly strong or fast-moving, but as The Post reported, “its relentless pounding at the shore—combined with the effects of sea-level rise—is causing serious damage.” In other words, it wasn't the the strength or speed of the storm that upended the house’s sandy foundation but the constant battering. Similarly, our faith can be battered down over time if we are not building on a firm foundation.

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