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Watch: Church Member Shares How Listening to the Prophet Saved His Life (+ Videos to Help You Love Our Prophet Even More)


While interviewing Latter-day Saints in Nairobi, Kenya, after President Russell M. Nelson's recent stop there during his world tour, Mike Headrick spoke with a Latter-day Saint who shared how listening to the prophet saved his life and his family.

Gregory Matiso was a new member when Gordon B. Hinckley visited Kenya 20 years ago. "He say that we prepare everything needful thing and to do home storage. To store water and food and clothing and all those things that we would need in an emergency," Matiso says of President Hinckley's message two decades ago. Nine years later, political unrest and upheaval in Kenya left many areas of the country in crisis, with markets shut down and villages cut off from outside supplies. While many suffered from the lack of food, water, and medical supplies, Matiso says, "We were very lucky. . . . We were saved by obeying that commandment."

As President Nelson traveled throughout the world, Latter-day Saints shared examples of how our current prophet is still sharing messages that are needed in our day. "He's a prophet of the Lord and he has a special message for his children," one member said in another KSL video.

“When I looked at President Nelson in his eyes last night, I feel the countenance of the Savior upon him, his face, I know he is truly (a) prophet of God,” says Joslyn Alquino, a Filipino member living in Hong Kong.

Check out these videos that testify of President Nelson's impact and role as our prophet.

How blessed we are to have access to the word of the Lord through living prophets.

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