Watch: Elder Rasband’s powerful reminder to ‘Be Not Troubled’


A new video produced by Deseret Book highlights the counsel of Elder Ronald A. Rasband from his new book, Be Not Troubled.

“Challenges, trials, and tribulation are not new to God’s children,” says Elder Rasband in the video's audio, which comes from the audiobook for Be Not Troubled and is read by Elder Rasband himself. “They make up much of our mortal experience as we seek to become true disciples of Jesus Christ.”

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“Finding Joy in the Work” — Inspiration from Elder Ronald A. Rasband

In 2018 October general conference, Elder Rasband delivered an address called “Be Not Troubled,” explaining the many fears people of all ages and circumstances encounter today.

As His disciples today, we too have fears. Our single adults fear making commitments such as getting married. Young marrieds, like our children, can fear bringing children into an increasingly wicked world. Missionaries fear lots of things, especially approaching strangers. Widows fear going forward alone. Teenagers fear not being accepted; grade schoolers fear the first day of school; university students fear getting back a test. We fear failure, rejection, disappointment, and the unknown. We fear hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires that ravage the land and our lives. We fear not being chosen, and on the flip side, we fear being chosen. We fear not being good enough; we fear that the Lord has no blessings for us. We fear change, and our fears can escalate to terror.

The video depicts similar fears in the eyes of a mother who is facing challenging times but is uplifted by the love of her daughter. In the 1-minute clip, Elder Rasband explains that “the key to withstanding the turmoil is to keep focused on Jesus Christ.”

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“Our days are about looking a little deeper for the good and building on it, generously complimenting the efforts of others, replacing pessimism with optimism, and finding joy in the work that the Lord has given us,” he says. “Our days are about worshipping the Lord, praying to our Father, living the commandments, and honoring our covenants. Our days are about becoming disciples of Christ with hope and exaltation ever in our sights.”

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The Apostle Paul foretold that we in the latter days would live in "perilous times" (2 Timothy 3:1). Yet the Savior instructed His followers in this dispensation to "doubt not, feat not" (D&C 6:36). How do we move forward in faith and focus on the good when rage, calamity, and commotion swirl around us? 

We know from scripture and the words of modern-day prophets that these latter days are a time of great turmoil—but also a time of great miracles. In this timely book, Elder Ronald A. Rasband shares a beautiful message of hope and light, reminding us what we can do to fortify ourselves and to receive heavenly guidance. As Elder Rasband teaches, "By divine design, we have been called to the Lord's service leading up to His Second Coming." His apostolic counsel helps us recognize the ways the Lord guides us through the troubled times in our lives to build a greater sense of hope and peace with our foundation fixed on Christ, that ultimately we might accept the Savior's invitation: "Be not troubled" (D&C 45:35).

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