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Watch: Elder Soares Shares Importance of Working Together Despite Differences


The Amazon River: the world's strongest river and the largest in the sheer amount of water that flows along its banks and eventually empties out into the ocean. 

But this titan of the earth's rivers has an interesting backstory, one Elder Ulisses Soares shares in a new church video.

In the video, Elder Soares explains that part of the Amazon's power can be attributed to two other rivers: the Solimões and Negro. 

"These waters eventually collide," Elder Soares says in the video. "Yet, even after these waters join, for many miles they do not mix. They remain separate and stubbornly independent as if fighting one another and saying, 'I am strong without you. You will not change me.'"

Find out more about these two rivers and how they symbolize the great potential that comes when we work together as children of God. 

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