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Watch: Marie Osmond's "Boring" Confession Surprises Stephen Colbert on the "Late Show"


Marie Osmond appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday, September 16, and even beat the host in a race to see who could list all of their siblings' names in order. The two talked about Donny and Marie's award-winning Las Vegas show, which has been running 11 years. When the show wraps up this November, Marie will have performed more shows on the Strip than Elvis and Celine Dion combined. "We have been very blessed," Marie says of the show and the numerous awards it has received.

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Marie Osmond's Dirty Secret: Late-Night House Cleaning

When asked how she unwinds after performances in an exciting place like Las Vegas, Marie asked, "Truth?" Then she gave a response that surprised even Stephen Colbert. "Oh, it's so boring. I like to clean," Marie says with a laugh. "I go home and clean the house. It's very soothing." 

Marie then explained where this late-night cleaning habit came from. When she was a 16-years-old and an international icon, Marie admits "I thought I was pretty cool." But one night her mother set her straight.

"I walked in and my mom said, 'You need to do your chores,' and it had been like a 16-hour day. And she looks at me and says, 'Well you haven't done your chores.' And I went, 'Ugh, mother, I'm me. I have to look good tomorrow,' you know. And she goes, 'Really?' I said, 'Well, yeah. I mean we're taping. I have to get my rest,' and she goes, 'Oh, okay. Well instead of just doing the kitchen, now you can do the toilets, too." 

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