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Watch: Missionaries Share Testimonies Through Original Song "Who Is Christ to Us?"


Thanks to Mormon Life Hacker for making us aware of this video.

After a temporary mission reassignment due to a delay with her visa, Sister Lauren Lundevall found a unique way to share her testimony with others.

Originally assigned to serve in Sweden, Sister Lundevall is serving a technology mission in South Salt Lake until her visa is approved. But, as she says on Facebook, she's happy to serve wherever she's assigned.

"Hej hej! Syster Lundevall here, happy and healthy in the Salt Lake City South Mission! I'll be hanging out (working non stop) until my visa comes for Sweden. BUT can I just say, I'm just happy to be a missionary wherever Heavenly Father needs me," she wrote.

And one of the ways she's working to spread the gospel and her testimony of it is through music. On Friday, Sister Lundevall and her companion, Sister Goulding, shared their original song "Who Is Christ to Us?" on Facebook. 

"Sister Goulding & I decided to write a song about our Savior, Jesus Christ," Sister Lundevall posted. "We answered the question, 'Who is Christ to us?' We hope you can feel our testimonies in the lyrics of this song. In our own lives we've recognized that 'our Savior walks on water so when we start to drown, he'll pull us out if we reach up and put us on high grounds.' We encourage you all to answer the question, WHO IS CHRIST TO YOU?"

Listen to their beautiful performance below. 

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