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Watch: NBA CEO on Being Fully Present as a Dad, Executive, and Latter-day Saint


Between fulfilling his role as a father and working his job as the chief executive officer of the Philadelphia 76ers, Scott O'Neil leads a busy life. 

And because of his schedule, he knows a thing or two about prioritizing activities and allocating time to things that really matter. 

"I know what's most important to me, but it's going to be very different from what's most important to you. We have to really figure out, like, how to put our time there," he says in a video interview with LDS Living, "and I think that's the lost art today."

His advice: Once you know what's important, devote time to those things and be 100 percent there when you're there. 

Listen to more of O'Neil's advice below:

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How This Father and NBA CEO Finds Peace In Being Where His Feet Are


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