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Watch: President Ballard, Elder Christofferson on Being Apostles, "Brothers in the Gospel"


“That’s the spirit of those who are in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, including the First Presidency,” President M. Russell Ballard said in a new Church News video. “We love one another. We sustain one another. And it’s a big assignment that we’ve got. We just have the assignment, you know, to convert the whole world. There’s only 7 billion that we’re trying to get to—not an easy task. And we feel as brothers in the gospel of Jesus Christ charged and commissioned to carry the name of Jesus Christ and His Church to the world.”

In the video, President Ballard and Elder D. Todd Christofferson discussed the brotherhood that is formed as apostles and the joy they experienced traveling with each other as they toured New England visiting with Church members.

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Brothers in the Gospel | President Ballard and Elder Christofferson

During the New England tour, President Ballard called for members to start "a new movement." “Our nation was founded on prayer, it was preserved by prayer, and we need prayer again,” he said. “I plead with you this evening to pray for this country, for our leaders, for our people, and for the families that live in this great nation founded by God.” 

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A Nation of Prayer | President M. Russell Ballard

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