Watch: Richard Thomas narrates ‘Christmas Day in the Morning’ with the Tabernacle Choir


As part of the 2019 Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert, Richard Thomas, an Emmy Award-winning actor, presented the story Christmas Day in the Morning. And in case you weren’t one of the people who able to experience the magical performance live, the Tabernacle Choir has released a video of the adaptation.

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Christmas Day in the Morning | Narrated by Richard Thomas

The adaptation draws from the original Christmas Day in the Morning by Pearl S. Buck, as a man named Rob reflects on the special gift he gave one Christmas by milking his family's cows before his father awoke.

The video release comes at the same time that BBC's Music Magazine named The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square one of the best choirs in the world. 

As part of its 2020 Christmas offerings, the Tabernacle Choir has released a 2020 book adaptation of the story, Christmas Day in the Morning: Awakening the Joy of Christmas. The book provides readers a place to write their own letter of gratitude and love to give away.

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“Givers may experience what Rob learned as a boy, and then again as a man: the gifts most likely to rekindle Christmas joy are not just the presents we give with our hands, but the gratitude we express from our hearts,” the video description reads. “The true joy of Christmas is to love and to awaken love.”

Watch a video of the performance on YouTube.

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In this adaptation of Christmas Day in the Morning, Rob looks back on his boyhood and remembers giving an unusual gift of self—a gift that filled him with Christmas joy. Now, fifty years later, Rob realizes he can still give a gift from his heart. Available now at

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