Watch This Latter-day Saint Woman Solve the Prize Puzzle on "Wheel of Fortune" With Only 2 Letters


Competing on a game show might be on a lot of people’s bucket lists. But how many people could absolutely dominate the game?

On a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune, contestant Taya Somes did just that. Somes solved “A PLACE LIKE NO OTHER” in the Prize Puzzle round with only the letters “N” and “T” on the puzzle board. 

Host Pat Sajak and the other contestants were in shock at Somes’s quick solve. Because of her impressive puzzle skills, Somes won the game and a trip to Peru.

Somes is not only a quick witted contestant, but a faithful Latter-day Saint, as well. She messaged LDS Living in regards to her performance on Wheel of Fortune, saying, “I just want to motivate other women to always follow their dreams.” She continued, “God wants us to have joy in our journey, He loves us and blesses us. It has been an incredible experience.” 

Watch Somes’s Incredible Solve: 

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