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"We Are Each Made from God's Light and Power": David Archuleta Shares Unforgettable Message About the Divinity in Everyone, Despite Differences


In today's society, social media, and news coverage, all we tend to see and focus on is divisions, arguments, controversies, disagreements, and comparisons. With so much noise directed at all our differences, the world becomes something overwhelming, where fear dictates our actions and responses, not love.

But that is not what the gospel of Jesus Christ teaches. Recently, on Facebook, David Archuleta shared an unforgettable message about why those differences between us aren't as great as we might think:

If someone isn't Christian like you, Muslim like you, or atheist like you, you can still find respect and love for each other. This is about knowing people can be loved and respected regardless of what you may or may not see eye to eye on. Take time to understand them and listen.
LoveLoud is about giving a voice and letting LGBTQ+ youth know that they belong. Too many people have taken their lives because they feel they don't belong, that they're misunderstood, and not loved because of what someone says is "different" about them and they believe they're not acceptable to keep living.
Too often we think we can't love or respect because we don't agree on a belief or opinion. God heard (and hears) the prayers of the healthy and the leper, the poor and the publicans, prostitutes and beggars, Jews, gentile, and Samaritans (along with the seemingly average typical citizen) and lifted them from where they were. He loved, respected, and spoke to everyone. Christ didn't teach conditional love. It is unconditional. His love has power to lift us and transform us.
Whether you understand your neighbor's differences or not, look at the good and the light which exists in them because that's what we are each made from: God's light and power. There's more to each of us than one label. We were created by the same powerful almighty hands. This isn't about agreeing or disagreeing on differences. It's about respect even amongst differences.
I want you to know that whoever you are, you have purpose, and you belong in this life. You are here to fulfill more than meets the eye. You are here to experience joy, to keep trying, to experience the pain and the heartache, to be a friend, to be grateful, and to search for truth and light. Each of us STILL plays a piece in this symphony of life and it's glorious. We all need a little help from our friends. We each need to feel loved and respected for what's within our heart and character. We all have equally been given this life because each of us has a loving Father in Heaven who gave us this chance. This life is about getting back up and giving it another shot. It's time to give the support you need to become all you are destined to be.

Lead image from davidarchuleta.com
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