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Step aside, platitudes—members share specific reasons the gospel makes them a ‘happier people’

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We love all our LDS Living readers and social media followers.We have seen time and time again the way you—our friends—embody the statement in 4 Nephi 1:16:

“And surely there could not be a happier people among all the people who had been created by the hand of God.”

In the face of true challenges, life struggles, good days, bad days, and everything in between, we love watching how the gospel of Jesus Christ can get us through our toughest moments, fill us with purpose, and provide us with truth and light. But it also just makes our days better and happier—plain and simple! The gospel and all the good it brings into our lives make us a happier people.

We’ve recently started a new series on social media we’ve called “Happier People” in which we share stories from Latter-day Saints just like you who have—through the light of the gospel—become shining examples of a “happier people.”

Here are just a few of the faces featured recently on our LDS Living Instagram account.

Doorly Winegar is a mom of three from Mesa, Arizona, whose son is battling childhood leukemia.

“The hymn, ‘I Know that My Redeemer Lives’ reminds us that Jesus Christ is our friend. And that brings me so much joy. I can talk to my closest friend anytime I want, through prayer. And He just knows. I don’t have to explain. I just open my heart and repent, ask, and pray, and He knows. Even thinking about it makes me happy.”

Ryan Wilkins is a husband, father, and seminary and institute teacher from southern Utah who has found a gospel truth that has brought him personal happiness.

“Jesus Christ is not just somewhere, waiting in the universe to help me sometimes. Rather, through covenants, He lives in me right here, right now, and I can do life with His help and strength every single day! That is the key to my happiness.”

Mimi Bascom is a Latter-day Saint influencer who shares her vibrant testimony of Jesus Christ and her love of the gospel with her online followers.

“When you are able to take a deep breath, look around you, and realize that a majority of the things causing you stress or turmoil don’t really matter in the long run, it’s like a weight off your shoulders. Gaining an eternal perspective is one of the most precious opportunities we have as members of the restored Church, and it can help us find joy in every day.”

Mackenzie Hyland joined the Church when she was 18 years old and hasn’t stopped feeling the joy of the gospel ever since.

“I know that a lot is going to change in the future. I also know Jesus Christ and His gospel are the constants in my life and will never change. Jesus Christ and His teachings have guided and comforted me in the past, and I know they will continue to in the future as well.”

Megan and Andrew Smith have faced the challenges of infertility by clinging to heaven’s promises and are now able to look back and see the miracles they experienced.

“How can we have 'cheer’ when the world literally is on fire? When it’s increasingly becoming a more evil place for our children to be raised in? We have found when you put God and Jesus Christ as a priority in your life and in the center of your marriage and family, your perception changes from temporal to more of an eternal one. You will have hope. You will have light. You WILL see God’s hand in your life. We strive to keep an eternal perspective in our minds always … especially when times get dark. We try to always remember that happiness is for a time, but joy is for eternity. We always want to choose joy!”

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