What Impedes Our Awakening Unto God? Elder Cook Shares What Church Leaders Think and How This Time at Home Can Help


In a recent interview with Church NewsElder Quentin L. Cook shared how to make the most of our time at home and offered insights about what “impedes our awakening unto God.”
The Church News article reads:

Sometimes they conclude it is being overcome by the world or the natural man, or because of ignorance of the gospel, he said. Other times it is a feeling of self-sufficiency or the opposite sense of hopelessness or worthlessness. Sometimes it is transgression. Many times, it is “a failure to appreciate that the [Savior’s] Atonement overcomes the unfairness of life and poor decisions of those who exercise their agency and inflict harm on others,” Elder Cook said. “Now most of us are spending considerable time at home and have a chance to think about awakening unto God. Perhaps recent events can be a spiritual alarm clock focusing us on those things that matter most. If so, it will be a great blessing in this period to concentrate on things that we can perfect in our lives and how we can bless the lives of others as we awaken to God and move along the covenant path.”

Elder Cook explained that the COVID-19 pandemic can prepare the Church for the future. “This time is foundational and will allow the Church to grow in the future and touch more lives and do more of the work of salvation than ever before,” he told Church News. “We will look back on this as a foundational time of preparation, and not just something we had to endure.”

Elder Cook shared how the Lord has inspired the implementation of new initiatives and directives, an “interlocking pattern of strength,” which will now sustain and support members through COVID-19, including Sabbath day observance, ministering, the Come, Follow Me curriculum and the Children and Youth program.


Lead image: Ravell Call, Deseret News
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