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What missionaries’ response to MTC power outage teaches about light

Missionaries in the dark.jpg
Missionaries at the Provo MTC standing in the dark.
Jan E. Newman

Recently Jan E. Newman, second counselor in the Sunday School general presidency, recently shared on Facebook a unique experience he had visiting the Missionary Training Center in Provo.

“While at dinner with the MTC presidency, the power unexpectedly went out!” he wrote.

Brother Newman was prepared to speak to the missionaries in a devotional following dinner. But with the power outage, none of the lights or microphones were working.

Brother Newman and the MTC presidency waited for an hour, hoping the power could be restored. It didn't seem likely, so the group decided to attempt the devotional anyway. They offered a heartfelt prayer for the power to be restored, and Brother Newman could feel the power of hundreds of missionaries making similar prayers at that same moment. Then they entered the auditorium.

Standing in the dark auditorium, the missionaries began a soulful rendition of “I Know That My Redeemer Lives.” Brother Newman described the moment, “Their singing was simply amazing! What an angelic choir! Just as they sang the last words, the lights began to turn on. Within minutes, full power was restored, and I was able to speak to the missionaries. What a wonderful miracle!”

God answers our prayers, not always with the miracle we hoped for, but He always lets us know just how deeply He cares for us. Even in dark times, Christ can always be our light.

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