What Primary song does NBA champ Elijah Bryant listen to before a game?

Danielle Christensen

Like many pro athletes, Latter-day Saint basketball player/newly crowned NBA champ Elijah Bryant spends the moments before he takes the court with eyes closed and headphones in place, ritualistically canceling the noise in search of peace and focus.

But his playlist is likely a bit different than most.

“Right before a game, I’ll meditate and listen to ‘I Am a Child of God’,” he said. “It always resets my focus and reminds me of my higher purpose.”

“Sometimes I get caught up in all I have to do in a game, and that song helps me understand what my main purpose is in this mortal journey.”

The 6-foot-5-inch guard also has a few “go-to” pre-game general conference talks, including “Careful versus Casual” from Sister Rebecca L. Craven, second counselor in the Young Women general presidency. Those messages stoke appreciation for what he’s been given: his family, his faith and, yes, the hoops skills allowing him to provide for his young family and share his faith with a wide audience.

Read more about Bryant’s faith and family at Church News.

Featured image: Elijah Bryant’s Instagram screenshot

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