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What You Knew in Premortal Life


MR says: You might think you don’t have a testimony, but in fact, you always have. Find out other important truths that you know from premortal life but may have forgotten along the way.

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When I was young and preparing for a mission, my mom invited me to go to a continuing education night at the church. . . .

I can remember sitting in the back row of the chapel as the instructor began teaching about the Prophet Joseph Smith. I’ll never forget it. It was a riveting moment of clarity. I was completely tuned in to the story. As it culminated and the teacher bore testimony, I knew that I knew it was true. I just knew it. But more importantly, I realized that I’d always known it was true; this was just the first time I’d realized it.

If you’re trying to gain a testimony of the Church, don’t be tempted to think, like Laman and Lemuel, that “the Lord maketh no such thing[s] known unto [you]” (1 Nephi 15:9). Don’t think that receiving such a testimony is beyond your reach. These tempting lies could never be true.

Gaining a testimony isn’t about learning something new or even finding something that you’ve never known. It’s about understanding your divine identity and remembering the things that you’ve always known to be true.

Know Who You’ve Always Been

While you might not know for sure how old your spirit is, you can be sure that it has been learning and growing since before the earth was even created. . . .

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