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When a Stranger Arrived to Bless My Sick Grandfather: "I Just Had a Feeling I Was Needed"


I was coming back from a trip to the Grand Canyon with my dad and grandpa, and we stopped at a service station to get some gas and to stretch our legs. Grandpa was getting pretty old, and his eyes were very bad. He went into the station, and when he came back he tripped and fell against a metal sign standing near the door. The frame of the sign gashed through his right arm, cutting it deeply. I tried to stop the bleeding while we rushed him to the hospital.

While we were in the emergency room of the hospital, Dad wanted to give Grandpa a blessing. “Go ask a nurse if she knows how to get hold of any Mormon elders,” Dad said. I went out to the desk and relayed the request.

“I’m sorry,” the nurse said. “I don’t know any Mormons.”

But before she had even finished her sentence a man stepped up from behind me and said, “I’m a Mormon elder. I can help.”

The man assisted Dad in giving the blessing, and then began to leave. “You were here at just the right time,” Dad said. “If you were here visiting a loved one, I hope they’ll be all right.”

“Oh, no,” the man answered. “I don’t know anyone here.”

“Then why did you come in the first place?” Dad asked.

“I was driving through the neighborhood and I just got the feeling that I was needed here.”

The Lord knew about our need even before we had expressed it—and had the solution in place.

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