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When Satan Tells You You're Ugly or Not Enough: The One Way You Should Always Respond


No matter what is making you feel inadequate, small, and ugly, Al Fox Carraway shares one powerful piece of advice to help us overcome these feelings. In addition, she shares this sweet reminder:

"You are good enough and God does care. Love everyone. Including yourself.

"Because when He thinks of you, He smiles. Because you are OH SO beautiful in the eyes of God."

I cried today because I didn’t feel pretty.

I tried to take a picture with Ben to post on Instagram and it ended with me crying in our room with a mental list of things I wish were different about me.

I overall don’t feel this way about myself, but it does come in waves randomly. It’s the all too familiar dance we all do with the adversary that we’re so used to doing we don’t even step on his toes anymore. The dance that we aren’t enough—

We aren’t pretty enough. We aren’t skinny enough. We don’t make enough. We don’t have enough. We aren’t good enough.

Lead image from alfoxshead.blogspot.com 
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