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Where Do Mormons Rank on the List of Most Educated Religious Groups?


PEW Research recently released an articleranking U.S. religions from most to least educated, basing their results on a survey of 35,000 adults.

Hindus by far took the No. 1 spot, with 77 percent of their members receiving a college degree, 11 percent attending some college, and 10 percent graduating from college.

Unitarian Universalists came in second place (with 67 percent of members obtaining a college degree), and Jews and Anglicans took a close third and fourth (tying at 59 percent of members who received a college degree).

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Image from PEW Research.

Of the list of 31 religions, Latter-day Saints came in at exactly the middle of the pack, tying the Presbyterian Church in America with 33 percent of our members receiving a college degree. In addition, 40 percent of Mormons receive some college, and 22 percent receive a high school degree.

Even still, Mormons rank above the average of people who graduated from a university (27 percent). This demonstrates that Latter-day Saints have taken President Gordon B. Hinckley's chargeto “work for an education. … Get all the training you can” and President Thomas S. Monson challenge to “pursue your education" to heart.

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