Why 2 BYU football players gave their opponents a Book of Mormon on the field following Saturday's game


A lot of talk can happen between players on opposing teams during a football game, but on Saturday night amidst the BYU Cougars 41-10 route of Western Kentucky, somehow the conversation shifted to religion.

Western Kentucky offensive lineman Gunner Britton told vanquishthefoe.com, “We were just talking during the game and I wanted to learn more of their faith,” Britton said. “They were great guys.”

When Isaiah Kaufusi, who served as a missionary in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission, heard Britton’s question, he knew what to do.

After the game was over, Kaufusi grabbed Kyle Griffitts, who served full-time in the Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission, and said, “Hey, two by two, come help me out with something.”

Jack Damuni, who works with the team in community and player relations, caught the moment in pictures and shared the photos on Twitter.

I was fortunate to catch this priceless scene between @isaiah_kaufusi and @kgee42 giving this player from Western Kentucky a Book of Mormon after the game and sharing their testimonies of the gospel. I love our boys, they’re great examples to the world.#GoCougs pic.twitter.com/lp7h2Bw1CR — Jack Damuni (@JackDamuni) November 1, 2020

Speaking of the exchange, KSL anchor and BYUtv commentator Dave McCann wrote on Facebook, “I’ve seen a lot of things after football games, but this is a first. . . . I can’t imagine a scenario where a gospel discussion would come up during a football game, but it did, and those two guys were ready with answers. Cool stuff.”

Lead Image: @JackDamuni Twitter account
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